Are you thinking of a way to get out of debt? Do you need to use a credit card, but are nervous about paying it back? There are ways to get the credit card debt paid off, and you need to know your rights. One thing many of us have not considered as a “Change of Circumstance” is immediate relief from speeds and maybe even dinners on the go.

When we need something on the internet, that is fast, and we need it on a “Sale and Purchase” basis, we run to the store and take what we want and then get charged a terrible price for it. You could be looking at a baseball card of some sort and it would not even be worth the time to purchase and get it, but you have to have this other wonderful card and you are super anxious to go into the store and take it. In the meantime you run to pay the bill, the balance is still owed, and you are stuck with a purchase that you did not plan for.

Where the idea of pay later comes in

You can use this card and pay when you get paid. They usually waive the interest if you pay by layaway. In a layaway plan, you come home and make payments until you have paid the entire balance and then you can take it home. If you missed the layaway date you can still use the card and pay the balance.

A question that has been in my head over the years about credit and myself is “When is it right to use a charge card to purchase an item?” In the past, I have used it for an emergency if I knew I could not come up with the cash, or if I was on the verge of a financial disaster: hospitalization of a family member, etc. Could I have paid the entire balance if I had this other card? It might have been easier if I had the cash. Then I would not have to worry about having the bill because I had the money.

We need to pay attention to our habits. We have to attend to our finances responsibly. If we are in debt already or soon to be in debt, paying off our credit card debt is a small way to start. There are many ways to pay off debt and there are many resources available. Find one that is reasonable and works for you and stick to it.

In my next article, I will write about credit card tips to help you with your finances. I will conclude with some ideas that will help you increase your credit score if that is important for you. But for now, you can read my tips on How to Avoid Bankruptcy and How to chose Credit Card Processing Account.