Many of us have had the dream or vision of being wealthy. By wealth, I mean having excessive money, and/or having problems being able to meet your financial obligations. Most of us have heard about being wealthy and try to work it into our heads that this is how we can be wealthy. The universe has a way of making some individuals wealthy, and it just takes them discovering what that is to become a part of it.

“What if I said you that your chances to meet your financial obligations are somehow ties of certain percentages that will determine how greatly wealthy you are? Would that seem reasonable to you?”

Ten percent, why not? A hundred percent would be nice too? In addition to all the work you do, that seems reasonable. You need more money, money that you have earned yourself.

It’s not all about money

Making money is not just about the money, it is also about the attitude and the frame of mind you have towards wealth. How wealthy are you? That is a completely different question, and you need to consider that.

To do anything in the world, you need money. Everything you do is about money, wishing for more money, looking for more money, and investing money into areas where you can make more money are all part of the human experience.

What does wealth mean to you? What will you do with your money?

When you work hard to make money, spend less, and put your effort into working in other generating sources. When you do this, money comes to you unpredictably, by conscious control, or by ignorance. Either way, you chose, the money will find you, there is no avoiding it.

Aside from having money in the first place, if you do have money, does it discriminate against whom you choose to spend it on?

My understanding, only having money is one way of determining if a person respect wealth. But, regarding that concept, doesn’t it say something about how much you appreciate, and timely money is? That is up to you to determine.

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