If you’re a college student (or any other person for that matter), then you may be familiar with the many offers for student credit cards. If you’ve ever applied or been approved by a credit card company, then you already have experience with what can be a dangerous and tricky business.

Perhaps you’ve had bad luck with your credit score, or you’ve run into trouble with debt, identity theft, or encountered a situation where you’ve been rejected when applying for such credit cards. If you’ve struggled through such situations, then you’re qualified to instruct how to find the best credit cards for college students.

Let’s say you miss the top two or three based on your criteria. You want to look at credit card offers from companies that are well established and have been operating successfully for many years. Then, point #1 is that you pay attention to the rewards program, the lowest annual fee, and the longest interest-free grace period on offers. You have these three factors in mind, and you begin your search for offers.

Types of students credit cards

Most student credit cards come with a rewards program, either through a point system or some other incentive. Typically, the rewards are in the form of discounts on merchandise, gift cards, airline tickets, travel, etc. To benefit from the rewards programs, you have to always pay your bills promptly and on time. Therefore, using your credit card and paying consistently makes it easier to accumulate points toward your rewards.

The one downside is that the student’s average credit rating will take a hit. Those with good credit will get better deals, so this card will be especially valuable to those planning to attend school in the next year. From a maintenance standpoint, this means a student might have a lower credit limit per credit line, or have lower purchase limits on their cards. You do need to consider all of these issues along with the other requirements when looking for which credit cards for college students will work best for you.

Once you’ve found the right card, make sure you read the fine print. You want to find an offer that provides you with a reasonable annual fee that works for you without being unmanageable or excessive. Be sure you also find a low-interest rate and a long interest-free grace period. Last, if you want a card that you can use online, find one that provides you with the variable set in residence for online purchases.

When you’ve found the right card, use a student card responsibly. Remember that health and personal damage are the consequences of irresponsible use.

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